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Bathroom Soap Shelf

Bathroom Soap Shelf

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Introducing the Soap Shelf - a functional and eco-friendly addition to your bathroom or shower! This handmade shelf is crafted from 100% recycled HDPE plastic waste, which has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure optimal hygiene.

The Soap Shelf serves as a convenient storage solution for your shampoo bottles and soap bars. Its thoughtfully designed holes in the bottom allow water to drip through, preventing any stagnation and maintaining a clean, dry shelf. This feature promotes good hygiene practices and helps to extend the lifespan of your soap bars.

Cleaning the Soap Shelf is a breeze, thanks to its smooth and waterproof surface. Simply wipe it down with a damp sponge, and it will continue to look neat and fresh.

Installing the Soap Shelf is hassle-free. The set includes two screws that you can use to securely attach the shelf to your bathroom or shower wall. All you need to do is make two holes in the wall, using a drill or any suitable tools, and have a screwdriver ready for the installation process.

The standard dimensions of the Soap Shelf are 25 cm wide and 13 cm deep. However, we understand that everyone has unique requirements, so we are happy to accommodate custom sizing. If you desire a larger or smaller size, simply reach out to us via email hello@recycledin.stored or specify your preferences in the comments section while placing your order.

To showcase your personal style, the standard colour for the Soap Shelf is mixed. We also offer the option to choose a custom colour that best suits your taste. You can refer to the image gallery to see the available colour options.

By choosing the Soap Shelf, you not only enhance the organization and functionality of your bathroom or shower space, but you also contribute to the sustainable use of materials, as this product is made from recycled plastic waste. Add a touch of style and eco-consciousness to your daily routine - order your Soap Shelf today!

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