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Where plastic finds new life

Hi! We are Recycledin, pronounced [recycled in].

Recycledin is a small-scale private recycling studio. Our team saves washed up plastic from beaches and landfills, designs and creates unique, hand-made home design products, accessories and business solutions, halting the effects of plastic pollution. The plastic waste that we save from landfills and beaches is Recycledin Kos, Greece.

Recycledin is a proud member of the Precious Plastic Community. Learn more...

Redecorate with style

We offer a range of accessories, furniture and home design elements made from recycled plastic, crafted with passion and a commitment to quality.

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Enhance your business image

Our recycled plastic products have a vast range of applications for businesses across various industries. From custom-designed menus for cafes and bars to creative furniture solutions and shoe stands for retail stores, our expertise in transforming plastic waste allows us to cater to the unique needs of your business.

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Reseller oportunities

Discover Recycledin's global wholesale and commission sales opportunities. We offer our eco-friendly designs to online and physical stores worldwide at competitive prices.


Creative minds, green designs

At Recycledin, we are always excited to collaborate with product designers who are passionate about working with our recycled material. If you wish to join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future, click the button below.


The process

Recycledin is dedicated to producing high-quality products from plastic collected from local establishments and beaches of Kos island, Greece. We meticulously clean, sort, shred, heat, press and cut the plastic according to our unique designs. We mainly work with post-consumer plastics HDPE (bottle caps and bottles), LDPE (grocery- and zip-loc bags) and PP (food containers and boxes).
Proudly made in Europe, our products adhere to top standards of durability and sustainability. By choosing our products, you support environmentally-conscious practices and a small business in the EU.

Our mission and values

Addressing the global plastic problem by collecting, processing, and transforming plastic waste into unique, designer products for both private customers and businesses. Minimising the escape of microplastics during production is our #1 priority. We spend hundreds of hours researching every aspect of our small business to minimise our carbon footprint, for example, offering waste-free packaging and environmentally conscious shipping and manufacturing practices.

The passionate founders

We are Marina and George, we have spent five years learning to minimise our own carbon footprint before starting Recycledin. We are dedicated to creating eco-friendly initiatives to make a positive impact on the planet both in our personal and professional lives.