Reseller Opportunities

Expand your product line and boost profits with Recycledin's sustainable home design products and accessories. Opt for wholesale purchases to maximise your returns or apply for the commission sales programme, where you can offer eco-friendly products in your physical or online store risk-free, earning up to 30% of sales.

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Reseller FAQs

How can I become a Recycledin reseller?

Please contact us through the form above, providing your contact details and the location of your shop. Our team will follow up to discuss partnership options.

Are there any exclusivity agreements involved for resellers?

Exclusivity agreements depend on the terms of our partnership. Please get in touch with us to discuss specific arrangements.

Can I customize Recycledin's products with my own branding?

Absolutely! We are open to collaborating on customised and branded products on wholesale orders. Feel free to reach out to us with your proposals via the contact form above.

Do you offer marketing materials to support product sales in our stores?

Yes, we can provide promotional materials to help showcase and promote our eco-friendly products within your retail space.

How do I handle returns or warranty claims for Recycledin products?

Our reseller agreements will outline the specific procedures to handle returns and refunds. We strive to work collaboratively with our partners to ensure a seamless experience for both businesses and customers.

What are the payment terms for wholesale orders?

Generally, we offer flexible payment terms to accommodate our resellers' needs. You can pay via bank wire transfer or via our secure payment service Viva Wallet or PayPal.

Can I sell you products on a commission basis?

Since we are still in the early stages and produce all our items on demand, we have no inventory available and do not provide products on a commission basis.

Which countries do you ship to and what are your shipping costs for wholesale orders?

We ship globally from Greece to all countries serviced by Hellenic Post. Shipping costs depend on the order size and weight, ranging from EUR 5 to EUR 300. Faster shipping options are also available at an additional cost, which we can discuss upon request.